SLO Tango

A Guide to Argentine Tango on the Central Coast of California

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  • Workshops
    • TBD, we are working on how to bring back guest instructors.

  • Classes
    • TBA. No classes are currently scheduled. However, there are plans in the works.
    • In the mean time, Rich Howe would be happy to schedule group or private classes by request.

  • Practicas
    • TBA, also in the works.

  • Milongas
    • Saturday, January 22 in Morro Bay at Valentina's Place (The Sanctuary at 365 Quintana F2)
      6:15 - 7:00 Lesson with Rich to get you combabulated (since your tango is likely discombobulated already)
      7:00 - 9:00 milonga. Music by Rich.
      $7 for the lesson. $7 for the milonga. $10 for both.

      Bring snackies and something to drink. Remember? The way we used to do things before the apocalypse.
      VACCINATIONS REQUIRED If you are not vaccinated, you cannot attend. Sorry.
      This milonga will depend on how bad omicron hits the county. So, make sure you don't do anything stupid around the holidays. Stay healthy so you can dance!

    • Saturday, February 19 in AVILA at Henlie's (The Clubhouse)
      She will be sending more info soon. That's the big one! Don't miss it!
    • We are looking for a nice location for a social dance about once a month. Preferably it would have the feel of a social, public place (like a coffee shop, club, bar, or restaurant) as apposed to a private party atmosphere. If you know of such a place, please contact Rich.
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Any tango questions? Please contact Rich Howe.

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